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Coronavirus Update

Dear Orthodontic Patients and Families,

Please take time to read the following important information about our re-opening.

We can’t wait to see you!

We have been working hard to ensure that we have the safest possible environment (surpassing industry standards) for you, your families and our team.

When will we open our doors you ask? Non urgent care is scheduled to begin on Friday June 19th.

As the saying goes…Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Please refrain from calling the office for appointments during this time as it will allow us to most efficiently reach out to you to book you for your appointment. Patients will be contacted in the order that they were scheduled to be seen so you will not lose your “spot,” but understand we have two+ months’ worth of appointments to reschedule.

Top TEN Covid-19 Changes FOR YOUR SAFETY:

1. Watch your email for a Questionnaire to be filled out before EACH appointment

Once we reach out to you, we will follow up with an email. Attached to the email will be a new form: Dental Consent to Treatment Form. This questionnaire must be filled out in the 24 hours prior to EACH APPOINTMENT. The form can be completed on your smartphone or computer. We will no longer be passing out or accepting any paper forms in the office. (This is a great change for the environment too!)

2. Each person who enters the office will require a mask and it’s BYOM (Bring our own mask!)

All people entering our office must be wearing a mask/scarf or similar mouth covering. We are only able to stock enough disposable masks for the use of our staff, so we ask that each person brings their own. Patients will wear their mask to the chair and remove it only for the duration of the appointment.

3. The parking lot is the new waiting room! Text us to let us know you have arrived, and we will reply with directions.

When you arrive in the parking lot for your appointment you will be asked to send us a text message with the patient name and letting us know you have "John Smith has arrived for his appointment.” Our front desk staff will text you back to let you know when we are ready for you. All patients will be asked to wait in their car until we have a treatment chair ready. While you wait, please fill out the Consent to Treatment form attached to your appointment reminder if you have not already completed it.

4. We will be greeting you BEFORE you enter our front doors to make sure you are ready to enter the clinic in the safest possible way.

Once you receive your text confirming we are ready for you, you will proceed to the front entrance. There you will be met by one of our team members. Please note that NO ONE will be permitted to enter the building if they have not filled out the Consent to Treatment Form (It is also a medical screening form).

5. Our team will provide you with hand sanitizer BEFORE you enter the building AND say hello to our NEW ELECTRIC DOORS FORE A HAND-FREE ENTRY TO THE CLINIC!

Our reception area will look a little different (Sadly no coffee, magazines or play space at this time!) as our waiting room will be closed with the exception for a few spots that will be clearly marked. These areas will be in accordance with social distancing requirements. Please check in at the front desk unless otherwise directed.


That means only the patient is permitted in the office. Please no siblings or other guests. We will make exceptions for younger patients or those who need special assistance. In that case, one adult may accompany the patient – this person will also be asked to complete the questionnaire and wear a mask.

7. What’s an aerosol you ask? An aerosol is a liquid droplet in air. They may spread Covid-19 so we take this part seriously. Worth a read!

There are a few procedures we do in our office that generate dental aerosol. Covid-19 is believed to spread via aerosol so the limited procedures that we do that create these aerosols (removal of braces or aligner attachments are the most common) will be limited to closed operatories, outfitted with special ventilation. Broken brackets may or may not be able to be fixed on the main clinic floor in a way that does not generate aerosols; this will be determined by the clinic staff. In some cases, broken brackets will be rebooked so that we can properly prepare for the procedure in a private and enclosed room in the back of our clinic. Again, we appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time!

8. A breath of fresh air: We have the cleanest air around due to some fancy air filtration systems!

We have invested in multiple medical-grade air purification units (Surgically Clean Air units.- ) These units have UV/electromagnetically-enhanced HEPA filters. The SCA units were originally designed for use during the SARS epidemic to eliminate airborne pathogens in clinical spaces and are the industry leader in medical/dental air purification. Our air purification rate with these units exceeds the CDC’s best practices for health care settings. We will have these units strategically placed in the closed operatories. In addition, we have had UV light filters installed on our main HVAC system ( which will clean the air of the entire building far beyond industry standards!

9. Our Clean regime. We have always been clean freaks and don’t plan to stop. A clean office is imperative to your safety.

We have always invested in the best sterilization systems available (above the industry standards). We have placed protective barriers in our reception, consultation and business offices. Our staff is undergoing extra training to safely work in our new environment, and have the full protections recommended by regulatory bodies. The staff and doctors will also undergo daily temperature checks and screening questions to monitor our own health.

10. It’s a virtual world after all. Change is not always easy, but it can bring great things and our new virtual appointments are sure to please!

We have always taken pride in being industry leaders with our integration of Technology. This “new era” promises to bring some exciting change! Some appointments, like our growth guidance appointments, retainer monitoring program, appliance and Invisalign checks can be changed to virtual appointments. We have invested in some fantastic software - stay tuned!

Our goal is to create your beautiful smile in a safe, clean and friendly environment!

The Team at Stuart and Davidson Orthodontics

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